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Artist Nia Mora Exhibits for a Charitable Cause by Binnorie

Photography artist Nia Mora who exhibited with Anagnorisis back a few months ago is currently in a group show until August 14th at Under Minerva.


Via Phantasmaphile

From the Under Minerva website:

G O D D E S S is a group art show that reflects on the wisdom and guidance of the divine feminine. This show is a dedication to Brenda Navas (1977-2008), a prominent business woman in our community whose successful entrepreneurship led to the development of our gallery space. Brenda, a native of Guatemala, and her husband Chris Achong, a native of Trinidad built a financial services company from the ground up, which currently comprises of nearly 200 active representatives and is still growing. In late January of 2008, Brenda died of complications from a sudden stroke at the young age of 30.

In Brenda’s honor, a portion of our proceeds from the sale of this artwork will be donated to The Hazel K. Goddess Fund for Stroke Research in Women to assist their efforts in education, outreach, research and endowment for the future. The Goddess Fund, based in New York City, speaks of one clear and compelling intention: to eliminate the impact of stroke in women’s lives, the lives of their families and society at large (

Did you know? We commonly associate stroke with men, yet 61 percent of deaths by stroke are actually women. 80 percent of strokes are preventable. To order a free Women in Your Life booklet (sponsored by AstraZeneca), call 1-800-STROKES.

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I love Nia Mora’s work. I have been searching out her work since she was young. I will always support her cause. Thanks Nia Mora for being such a truly inspirational artist for all peoples.


Comment by Isaac Moreno D.

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