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An Hour and a Day by Binnorie
September 3, 2009, 1:42 pm
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Kasia Houlihan’s video, “An Hour and a Day” is a meditation piece. Steeping in serenity, her planes will lull you.  Kasia’s work will be on view on Friday September 4th during the opening reception of Philip Hardy’s “Predictive Text” exhibit.

Kasia Houlihan
An hour and a day, 2009

The basic building block of An hour and a day is simple, mundane even: a shot of an airplane in flight, crossing from one side of the screen to the other. Some are fast. Others are slow. Some appear as small as fireflies off in the distance, while others soar just overhead. It is in the pointed arrangement of these singular clips where several complexities arise, as the shots of plane after plane making its way across the sky have been sequenced into a meticulous montage according to the exact time of day at which each was filmed.

The hour-long video spans early morning to late night hours and everything in between, as shifts in light reveal the passing of time not only over the course of a day, but also throughout the year. However, what presumes to be a straightforward dawn-to-dusk equation eventually breaks down as afternoon turns into a dark February night, which shifts into a glowing August evening and then back into darkness once again.

In much the same way that one keeps a daily journal, I continue to collect this footage, shot from my kitchen window since January 2008.

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[…] major in VISUAL ART/PHOTOGRAGHY. However, some of her work is published, such as her video named “An Hour and A Day” (2009). Her recent solo exhibition “Kasia Houlihan: July” was in Reception Gallery, Chicago […]

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