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Video Spotlight | Daniela Bertol by Binnorie
September 13, 2010, 7:13 am
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For ages, Anagnorisis has been hoping to become more dedicated to showing video art during its monthly opening receptions at the White Rabbit.  This coming month, during the opening for The Healing Sutras with Erin Endicott’s embroidery, we are proud to announce that the works of Daniela Bertol will be on view.  If you missed last month’s opening reception, then you also missed seeing the alchemical stop animation by artist Andreco who I hope to post about separately in the near future.  Both artists create superb, mysterious work, both touching on the spiritual, the scientific and the sublime.

Daniela Bertol | still from Sky Spirals

Daniela Bertol | still from Sky Spirals

Daniela Bertol | still from Sky Spirals

Sky Spirals is a multimedia project on the intersections between art, astronomy and architecture.
Humans have been looking at the sky from time immemorial:  the recurrence of celestial events was recorded by signs in the landscape, from simple megaliths to elaborate monuments at architectural scale. From the early constructions at Stonehenge to contemporary land and bio-art projects, people have always expressed the desire to communicate beyond their local space by establishing built places, which reach out to the sky above. These man-made interventions on nature are can create an ecological awareness, where the observation and recording of celestial events relate to a designed landscape: the creation of a place becomes defined by the integration of local and remote space in the celebration of the sky through the land, and by reaching awareness of were we are in space and time.

Several media are used in conjunction with the art in nature interventions and built fabrications: ideation concepts are expressed in writings, diagrams, digital models and animations. Maps, satellite photographs, astronomical diagrams, charts, time lapse photographs and videos complement the perception of the artworks. The digital movie series The Sky from Earth is an integral component to the project as a clear narrative of the intent, design and process itself. At a crossover between experimental, documentary and video art, the digital movie series weaves the trans-disciplinary content in a sometimes nonlinear narrative, where astronomical concepts are linked to  architecture and art history, with the goal to take the viewer on a tour of “architecture of cosmology.”

The Sky from Earth:  Sun Farm is the first part of the series, presenting a trans-disciplinary project in the Hudson Valley.  Sun Farm is an experiential place and built vision, multidisciplinary and multimedia project encompassing several thought processes,  theories, disciplines as well as several “practices” of making. Drawing from cosmology, observational astronomy and  philosophy, Sun Farm combines excavated earthworks and large scale environments with meditative nature enclaves and other above ground constructions. The shaping of the landscape and structures is oriented to solar and celestial alignments, in a dual effort to capture the sun’s energy and to celebrate the cosmos.

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