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Anagnorisis Fine Arts Presents ‘Perepeteia I’ a Group Exhibition by Binnorie
January 2, 2011, 5:49 pm
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Anagnorisis is proud to invite you to our first group exhibit of White Rabbit artists.

For your viewing pleasure, we will have artwork by:
Yuri Leonov, Molly Bosley, Jeff Faerber, CJ Stahl, Buddy Nestor, Jeremy Hush, Dana Bunker, Dave Tree, James Moore, Tun Myaing, Heather Gargon, Caitlin Hackett, Adam Doyle and Francesco D’isa

Please join us for the opening reception on Friday, January 7, 7-10pm, at the White Rabbit (145 East Houston Street).  We would love for you to RSVP, but it’s not necessary.

Many of the artists will be present – please come an introduce yourself to us!

Here’s a sneak peek:

Jeff Faerber | Succubus
Adam Doyle | Phoenix
Francesco D’Isa | Mother Earth
Molly Bosley | Overgrowth

What is it with these unpronounceable Greek terms we keep using?!  As if Anagnorisis wasn’t hard enough to pronounce, now there’s this Peripeteia thing…?! 

Well, first off, they sound sexy when spoken well (pronunciation guide below for those who need new pickup lines for next weekend).  More importantly, they describe so well that ineffable response we art lovers feel when we see a work of art that floors us!

Borrowed from Aristotle and Greek Tragedy, the term “Anagnorisis” means “from ignorance to knowledge”; that moment when a work of art slams you into confusion, opening your mind to new truths.  “Peripeteia” describes the moments that follow; when that new knowledge creates new inescapable circumstances that are either comfortable or not.  Our use of these words allow us to reach back to the eldest of creative processes to acknowledge our roots as significant tools in figuring out the present and future of art.

What is it about a wonderful work of art that is so stunning? Simply viewing a painting can reveal unknown truths about ourselves and change our lives. We think that these terms and their meanings are important in exploring why art is so important to us. This exploration will give us better language tools with which to convey our love for the arts to those who don’t understand the art frenzy; those who see art as a waste of time, as toys for spoiled adults or innocently as an unexplainable phenomenon.

So, your tools are pronounced thus:
Anagnorisis (An Ag Nor Sis)
Peripeteia (Peri Pe Taya)

If someone knows how to type a schwa in WordPress, let me know.

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[…] She is presently part of Peripeteia | A Group Exhibition of White Rabbit Artists at 145 East Houston Street, NY. (Follow the links for information about White Rabbit and the group show “Peripeteia.”) […]

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[…] Follow the links for information about White Rabbit and the group show “Peripeteia.” […]

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