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Check out this wonderful write-up by Stacey Ransom about James Moore! by Binnorie
February 4, 2011, 12:02 am
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James Elliott Moore / Illustrator, Painter, Sculptor, Installation artist / 2010 

Moore’s greatest talent is his ability to portray a truth that resonates like piano keys struck with blunt force. His work is fierce and unrelenting, barely leaving space to breath. It is impulse and passion, never pausing to look back, nor heading the future. It pulses with the power of the moment, as he forces the uncertainty and turmoil roiling within his subjects to literally burst from within. 

He is a clairvoyant among us. Yet he does not see auras of ethereal wispy colors, but instead he envisions gurgling mucous, severed fingers, crumpled metal and dirty socks. 

Please follow the jump for more artwork, an interview, and information about his current show opening Feb 4th in NYC.

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