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February 13, 2011, 8:54 am
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The internet has created more opportunities for artists than ever before.  It has also caused much upset.  Change, especially that which hits quick and hard, is hard to adjust to, and the internet is creating change constantly.

An artist works very hard to create their art.  

After they post an image of their art on the web, it’s wonderful when someone sees it, falls in love with it and shows it to others.  

When that reposting does not list the artist, the artist becomes disconnected from their art that they worked so hard to create.

This can be tragic.  The artist loses potential employers and loses the kudos that would encourage and feed him.

Please credit the artist when you post art, photography, poetry, video, etc. on Tumblr.  

Don’t know who created the art you want to post?  Try searching on  Still can’t find the artist?  Indicate that in your post.

Search for the artist of an image:

To my sweet, sweet artists:  If you see me posting something sans credit, please tell me.  I can take what I dish out.  Really, I’ve probably just spaced and need my error pointed out to me.  In fact, I’d really appreciate it!

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