Anagnorisis Fine Arts

Bye Bye Kitty!!! Between Heaven and Hell in Contemporary Japanese Art by Binnorie

Earlier this year Ms. Kristen Sollee of the Japan Society invited me to take a peek at the institution’s new exhibition of contemporary Japanese art, Bye Bye Kitty!!!   She figured I might take a liking to the grotesque elements in the show; she had gotten a strong impression of my interests when she viewed the Anagnorisis group exhibition Another Roadside Attraction this past fall, 2010.  I cannot express how right she was and how excited I am about Bye Bye Kitty!!!  It is one of the best group exhibitions I’ve seen in a very long time.  Almost every work on view is titillating, obsessively and expertly crafted, intelligently subversive, thought provoking and strange. (How’s that for an overly long list of descriptive terms?!)  The artwork in this exhibition messed with my head in all the right ways.

Check out more about this amazing exhibition on Creep Machine!

Watch Ms. Sollee’s short video below on the exhibit (with some comments from yours truly) and check out her blog Shadowtime when you’ve got a moment (if you’re not at work, turn your volume up).

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