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April 4, 2012, 5:23 pm
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As we out here in Gotham are all looking forward to seeing Spring take hold on the streets, so are we starting to gear up for May’s deluge of art fairs with Frieze, Pulse, Red Dot and NADA barely a month after March’s art fair glob. But that will be in May. This is April, and there is a lot to see in between.

I have been delaying publishing this post because I keep finding new shows to include. Rather than delay longer, I will add to this post here when I come across April exhibitions, so do check back.
[EDIT: Four shows added! Scroll down!]

Clicking on the headings below will bring you to web pages that lead to exhibition details:

Brad Kunkle at Arcadia Fine Arts

Brad Kunkle

Brad Kunkle’s paintings are mysterious and other-worldly, powerful, yet precious. Hard to see online is the plethora of shimmering gold that sets off his introspective, and realistically painted subjects. This, his second solo exhibition at Arcadia, is sure to be stunning. This solo show will be open starting on April 21st.

Hans Bellmer and Unica Zürn in Bound at Ubu Gallery

Unica Zurn

Continuing through May 12, this exhibition provides an intimate view into the relationship between these two Surrealist artists. Tragic, romantic and sexual, it’s a rare occasion, so don’t miss it.

… an exhibition of over fifty works created over two decades – spanning the German artists’ relationship – from their meeting at Bellmer’s opening at Gallerie Rudolph Springer in 1953 until Zürn’s suicide in 1970. Including anagrammatic drawings, erotic portraits, illustrated manuscripts, photographic collaborations and archival photographs of the artists at their shared flat at rue Mouffetard…

Marshall Arisman’s The Ayahuasca Cave at Sacred Gallery

Marshall Arisman

This show opened this week and will be on view until April 30, 2012.

Narrative Thread with artists Diem Chau, Orly Cogan, Erin Endicott, Flore Gardner, Donna Rosenthal at Wexler Gallery in Philly

Erin Endicott

Erin Endicott showed with Anagnorisis back in 2010, so I’m excited to see her showing at this wonderful Philly gallery. Not easily relegated as craft, her cross-stitched artwork is emotionally inspiring. Crossing my fingers for a solo show in the future. This exhibition opened this week and will be on view until April 28, 2012.

Wexler also has a fantastic group show following this one that I’m excited about. Keep an eye out for the next Anagnorisis Picks post.

Dirk Staschke at the Bellvue Art Museum

Dirk Staschke

Dirk Staschke’s ceramic sculptures of food cornucopia are immensely visceral, gluttonous and dripping. Over-saturated with sweetness, fat and gloss, they ooze with over-abundance. Perhaps reminiscent of the feel of the Rococo, his raw chickens, fruits and vegetables are objectified sexualized ornamentation. He has other very impressive works, but these food arrangements are my favorite, if you couldn’t already tell. He’s already had several shows at Wexler, so if you miss this exhibition, he’s sure to pop up in Philly again in the not-too-distant future.

More information about the show and the artist here.

Nicola Verlato’s How the West Was Won and EVOL’s Repeat Offender at Jonathan Levine Gallery

Nicola Verlato


Both of these shows open this Saturday, April 7th and will be around until May 5th, 2012.

Judith Schaechter’s The Battle of Carnival and Lent at the Eastern State Penitentiary

Judith Schaechter {image courtesy of Claire Oliver Gallery}

Judith Schaechter created her latest work, The Battle of Carnival and Lent, specifically for the Eastern State Penitentiary‘s long running art installation program, to which she was accepted last year. An ambitious project, it has finally been installed in the landmark and is now on view to the public. The entire place is haunted with a sordid history, so I suggest putting aside a few hours for this if you go. On May 11, there will be an opening reception for Judith and all the artists who have installed art in the penitentiary this season, but the work is on view now and will be up for around 8 months.

Night at Munch Gallery with artists Neke Carson, Erik Foss, David Hochbaum, Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen and Anton Perich

David Hochbaum

This exhibition has already been up since March 17th, so you’ve only got until April 14 to catch it.

Exquisite Corpses: Drawing and Disfiguration at the Museum of Modern Art

Steve Gianakos

Open until July 9th, this exhibition is accompanied by a couple of lectures and gallery talks. See the website for more info.

Billy Norrby’s The Fury and Matt Rota’s City of the Dead at Last Rites Gallery

Matt Rota

Billy Norrby

Both of these shows open next week on April 14th and will be on view until May 21st.

Heather Gargon’s At Arms at Masthead Studio

Heather Gargon with one of her drawings

While her last exhibition was about space exploration, Heather Gargon’s latest show is about an astronaut’s return home. Filled with her trademark creatures and drawings, this show will also feature photographs of the artist with her sister. Opening April 21st. Give Masthead a call to find out how long it will be up.

Colette Calascione at Nancy Hoffman Gallery

Colette Calascione

The lurverly Miss Madeline von Foerster just made me aware of this amazing show, which will be sadly ending this weekend. The last day to see it is this Saturday April 21st. I’ll squeeze her in somehow.

Sigils and Signs at Observatory

This group exhibition’s curator, Pam Grossman of Phantasmaphile, is an expert in alchemy and the occult. Her curated shows are always an educational experience as well as a feast for the eyes. Looking forward to supporting her on the opening night, this Friday April 27th. The exhibition will be up until June 17th.

On view will be Andreco (who exhibited video for Anagnorisis a few years ago), Jesse Bransford, Derrick Cruz, Adela Leibowitz, Jason Leinwand, Tamalyn Miller, Deborah Mills, Annie Murphy, Ouroboros Press, Michael Robinson, David Chaim Smith, Fredrik Soderberg and Hilary White.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the USA, there are a few shows to see at Roq la Rue. One is about to come down and the other two are about to go up:

Red Current (sweet fruit) at Roq La Rue

Mandy Greer's "Pelican Goddess"

Leaving the gallery on April 7, Red Current (sweet fruit) was co-curated by independent curator/artist/entrepreneur Sharon Arnold and Roq la Rue gallerist Kirsten Anderson. I’m very excited about Mandy Greer’s installation work, which looks obsessive and alive. But the whole show is a stunner.

Lindsay Carr and Handiedan at Roq La Rue


Lindsay Carr

Both of these artists create lush strange artwork reminiscent of times gone by. Crying that I can’t go to this. No info on the website about the opening date, so keep checking on there.

Greg “Craola” Simkins’s Cloud Theory at Merry Karnowsky Gallery

Greg Simkins

I just love Craola’s lush lighting and color on entwined creatures. If you go, tell me about it in detail so I can envy you.

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