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May 4, 2012, 4:26 pm
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Before I knew it, May had arrived. And thus this post is late.

Already underway is our second round of 2012 New York art fairs. To best express how I feel about this, I will quote Art Fag City, “It’s art fair season. Again. Whoop-de-fucking-doo.

So, on that note, here are your options:

Pulse New York, May 3 – 6, 2012
Red Dot New York, May 3 – 6, 2012
Frieze New York, May 4 – 7,2012 (This is the big one, folks)
NADA NYC, May 4 – 7,2012
Not sure when Verge emerged from certain death and updated their website, but this fair is alive and well running from May 3 – 6. I thought they’d tanked. [edit: I just learned that Red Dot did, in fact, tank.]

But, seriously, if you go to any of the fairs, I think SEVEN is your best bet. Small and simple, it’s got some really good galleries on board and you can avoid the marathon that Frieze is likely to kill you with. Taking place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at The Boiler, it’s been going on since April 28 and will keep going on until May 20.

Dotty Attie’s “Lone Ranger” in P.P.O.W.’s booth at SEVEN

That AFC post is quite hilarious, actually. Go read it for a synopsis on each of the fairs I listed above.

Looking far into the future, mark your calendars for June 6th when you can actually see a work by Yours Truly at Fuse Gallery. Anagnorisis also has a new show in the works opening on June 22nd. More info on that to come.

And now for the not-to-be-missed art shows for May. Like last month, if I come across additional shows for May, I’ll add them to this post. (Edit: Three more added to the mix!)


Suggestivism at Bold Hype

Tom Bagshaw

THIS is the show of the month as far as I’m concerned (with the Wexler show listed below coming in at a VERY close second). A Pop Surreal show at heart, it will be dripping heavily in the Neo-Grotesque and The Strange with Christian Rex van Minnen, Chris Mars, Chet Zar, Dan May, Martin Wittfooth, Tom Bagshaw, Marco Mazzoni, Heidi Taillefer and others on the bill. It will be on view for a month.

Bold Hype is a smallish gallery. I’m willing to bet that, on their opening night next Thursday the 10th, what free wine/beer they have will run out quick, the hallway outside the gallery will be packed, it will be hot and you will have to be a linebacker in order to be able to see the art. Groups shows with artists like these on view are always a clusterfuck. Arrive early!! Or, better yet, go during regular business hours.

Then hop on a bus to Philly for:

Wild Nature at Wexler Gallery

Andy Paiko

I am so excited for this show! This gorgeous group exhibition explores themes “…relating to the natural world, the human condition, and the idea of the sublime.” On view will be work by Christy Langer, Julie Anne Mann, Andy Paiko, and Jennifer Trask and was curated by Wexler Gallery Director Sienna Freeman. The image above was swiped from JL Schnabel’s blog post on Hi Fructose. Click click click for more images. From Wexler’s website:

WILD Nature will investigate the awe-inspiring and sometimes terrifying qualities of nature, a topic widely explored by artists and writers during the Romantic period in Europe. Using a variety of mediums and techniques, featured artists will explore the exotic worlds of flora and fauna from an allegorical approach, often drawing from personal experiences, memories, and dreams. The show will also consider connections between the human subconscious and the wilderness of the physical world.

This show is opening this week and will be up for the next month.

Adam Wallacavage’s Shiny Monsters at the Philadelphia Art Alliance

Adam Wallacavage

Running from May 17 to Jul 15, this exhibition of Adam Wallacavage’s plaster and resin enlightening creatures will be on view in several of the Alliance’s rooms: “…Wallacavage will take inspiration from his lavishly decorated home by presenting several new chandeliers within each gallery.” Intriguing!! The Alliance’s show description is a little confusing stating that this will be Adam’s first solo show, which is incorrect. Perhaps they are referring to their own venue… Whatever the case, it will be good.

Zoe Williams in Buddy’s Den group show at TT Gallery

Zoe Williams

I’m not sure which of her felt sculptures will be in this show, but the above image at least gives you an idea of what to expect. Opening soon, this show looks like it’s going to be fun. Right down the street from Fuse Gallery this is also a hybrid arts venue playing with toys and art simultaneously. This group show opens on May 11th and will be up until May 18th.

Nicola Samorì’s The Venerable Abject at Ana Christea Gallery

Nicola Samorì’s “Irene scopre l’Informale”

If you missed seeing his work at Volta back in March, not to fret. This will be better. Opening on Thursday, May 17th, this solo exhibition will allow those who have been drooling over this Italian artists’ paintings in digital form a chance to see their full texture and nuance. I’ll most definitely see you there.

Syd Mead’s Future (Perfect) at BravinLee Programs

Syd Mead’s Running of the Six DRGXX, 1983, KRONOTEKO

You might wonder why I’ve added this designer to this list of grotesque art shows. Simply put, he’s a genius on too many levels to count; I would be remiss to not mention him. His technical skills with a paint brush go beyond reckoning, and I’m willing to bet that the imagery you see in this exhibition accurately depicts our future. In fact, Mr. Mead actually said so during his short iPad talk at the show’s opening on Friday night. I believe him; he has contributed to modern design in architecture, entertainment, automobiles and more. To boot, the man was born in 1933 and is still working. Even if you’re not a fan of the imagery, this man’s work is historical (you’re most likely familiar with his design of Tron and Bladerunner). To have the chance to see these works is rare.

AlternaCity Envy (because every art show should take place in or near New York):

Wild at Heart: Keep Wildlife in the Wild at Thinkspace

This is a huge exhibition that hopes to “…raise awareness about the precarious predicament of wild creatures around the world, and to benefit efforts to protect them in their natural habitat.” Check out the list of over 100 participating artists via the link above.

Detailed Information at Mindy Solomon Gallery

Carrie Ann Baade

If you caught Mindy’s booth at Scope this year, you know that her taste is ridiculously sublime. This upcoming group show includes a great mix including Anagnorisis favorites such as Carrie Ann Baade and Kate MacDowell amongst others. Floridians, you are envied.

So are you who live a little further north in Northampton, Massachusetts:

Travis Louie’s The Secret Pet Society at William Baczek Fine Arts

Travis Louie’s “Hillary and Sam”

We always love Travis’s shows!! Go see this if you’re in the area!

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