Anagnorisis Fine Arts

About Anagnorisis

Anagnorisis Fine Arts is a young organization run by curator Samantha Levin that represents and exhibits extraordinary emerging and established artists. Each artist is chosen for their penchant for creating very lush artwork, uplifting or uncomfortable, subversive or sublime, that pushes boundaries and excels in craftsmanship. Much of this artwork could be said to fall under the new contemporary genres of the Neo-Grotesque and the Pop Surreal.

Anagnorisis works frequently with established galleries, alternative venues and arts organizations to introduce new visual language to art collectors and lovers alike. Artists and galleries collaborate with us to gain more exposure for their work and the arts in general. Anagnorisis has curated and managed exhibitions for venues such as the Brooklyn Art Project, DUMBO Art Festival (West Elm), Pop Up LisboaThe Classic Car Club, Shadow’s Space, the Verge Brooklyn Art Fair and The White Rabbit, amongst others.

Our name, Anagnorisis (pronounced an-ag-nor-sis), refers to the moment when the hero of a Greek tragedy discovers the truth of his or her situation. Overall it means, “from ignorance to knowledge”. We feel that this term aptly describes the ineffable reaction one might have from viewing a splendid work of art – a visual anagnorisis, if you will – and applied the term to our artistic and curatorial work.  If you want to know more, check out the wikipedia article that defines the term.

We would like to extend to you a cordial invite to browse some of the work of our artists. To keep up-to-date on our events, recommended exhibitions and other fancy things, please subscribe to our blog mailing list.

Please direct any inquiries you may have to art @

ARTISTS:  If you wish to submit your work to us, please see our guidelines here.

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Saw your page on the BrooklynArtProject site and
take look here. Really wonderful! Beautiful site
and great artits.
Regards. Jaap

Comment by Jaap van der Wel

Saw your page on the BrooklynArtProject site andtake look here. Really wonderful! Beautiful siteand great artits.Regards. Jaap

Comment by Leontyne

[…] Anagnorisis presents Peripeteia – a group show at White Rabbit […]

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Great site and following your posts now. I am currently a grad student writing about the grotesque in contemporary art and will be mentioning your art program in my paper this semester. I am sure you have heard of Kris Kuksi? If you have not, be sure to look him up, he fits with the description of art you are exhibiting. He will be a subject of my reasearch as well.

Comment by Jill Hayes

Thanks, Jill! Am very familiar with Kris’s works and much of his contemporaries. Not sure where you’re studying, but do get in touch with Dr. Nancy Hightower who teaches the rhetorics of the grotesque in art and literature at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Regardless of her literature base, she’s very tuned into the visual arts since they really do go hand in hand. Please keep me up to date on your work!

Comment by Binnorie

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