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Hi on Pride by Binnorie
October 17, 2010, 7:31 pm
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Anagnorisis is extremely proud of its affiliated young artist, Caitlin Hackett, who is featured in Hi Fructose‘s latest printed issue, Vol 17.  With a wonderful article written by J. L. Schnabel, owner of the Toothless Cat Gallery near Philadelphia and jewelry maker extraordinaire, Caitlin’s works look just stunning in the magazine’s impressive high-quality publication.  Schnabel writes about Caity:

As a forger of mutated creatures and creator of a contemporary mythology, Hackett has become a modern day Mary Shelley, creating creatures who invoke both sympathy and horror, creatures that can create an unsettling recognition in their viewers.

Caitlin’s solo exhibit, Wilderness, at the White Rabbit back in February this year was a wonderful success for all involved! Congratulations Caity!

Exciting Announcements and the Thing with Ball Point Pens by Binnorie
September 16, 2010, 10:31 pm
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Anagnorisis is very excited to announce that artist Caitlin Hackett will be featured in the upcoming Hi-Fructose Vol. 17!! You can see a teeny weeny preview of the issue here (more like a cruel tease, if you ask me – I’m drooling now).

Caitlin Hackett working on a new drawing

“Hi-Fructose is proud to show you a few previews of upcoming Vol.17, which arrives in October, 2010. With this issue: we wade flood waters with painter Seonna Hong, explore infinity with Oliver Vernon, present an extensive feature on street/gallery artist duo Herakut, get powered by pink with Buff Monster, discover the contemporary mythology of Caitlin Hackett, stack airplanes with sculptor Onno Poiesz, battle with David Cook and present a feature with special sketchbook from French artist Stephane Blanquet. Plus spotlights on Chris Berens‘ new show, artist and musician Jim Houser, we discover the work of James Reka, Yoshitoma Nara‘s new retrospective book, and much more!”

Caity is one of a few artists who prefer using ball point pens in their artwork. Anagnorisis exhibited the ballpoint drawings of Dana Bunker in 2009 and will be exhibiting work by Jeremy Hush in 2011. I asked Caity and Jeremy what they thought about the longevity of such material. Caity told me that she has painstakingly searched everywhere to find an archival ball point pen. She did find one that she uses prevalently, but it lacks the feel she got from a cheap bic, so the search goes on.  Jeremy has more confidence in the simple tool, “I have sketchbooks from highschool that are still fine,” he said, and likes what changes happen to the medium on various surfaces over time.

Jeremy will be exhibiting with Anagnorisis at the White Rabbit in March 2011.

{just look at the beautiful linework they get with these ball point pens!! %$&*(#%^@&!!!}

Caitlin Hackett | Detail of Masquerade

Jeremy Hush

Dana Bunker | Beside Myself

Steve Ellis on Gawker Artists by Binnorie
January 24, 2010, 6:53 pm
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Recently, Anagnorisis artist, Molly Bosley was featured in Gawker Media’s Gawker Artists here.  It has also come to our attention that Steve Ellis, who showed with us in our Art of the Automobile group show back in September, was also recently snapped up by the popular online media hub.

Incidentally, Molly Crabapple is in there, too.  But her artwork’s been popping up everywhere these days.