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R.I.P. Dorothea Tanning by Binnorie
February 12, 2012, 3:26 pm
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Many of you have already heard about the death of the surrealist darling, Dorothea Tanning. She was a lofty 101 years old when she passed away peacefully in her home in New York City on January 31.

Dorothea Tanning led a truly remarkable life, not because she lived so long but because she lived so fully. As a young woman, she pursued her dreams to become an artist, and now leaves behind a significant body of painting, sculpture, and works on paper created over the course of six decades. For 34 years, she shared a loving partnership with her husband, Max Ernst, first in the United States and later in France. After his death in 1976, she returned to New York and demonstrated that it is never to late to begin a new chapter in life. In her mid-seventies, she became more productive than ever in her studio, and in her mid-eighties launched a new and successful career as a writer and poet. She worked until her last days, publishing her second book of poems, Coming to That, in the fall of 2011. -Pamela S. Johnson, Director, The Dorothea Tanning Foundation

Dorothea was one of the few original Surrealists still alive, not to mention that she was one of the few woman who were part of the original Surrealist clan that Andre Breton lead in the early part of the 20th century. Her death comes right after that of another female art icon, Eiko Ishioka. It’s been a sad month for Surrealists all around. Not just female artists. As Dorothea once said, “And ‘woman artist’? Disgusting.”

You can learn more about this iconic lady by visiting the Tanning Foundation. Critic Jerry Saltz also wrote a wonderful essay on her life that you can read here.

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I Fink U Freeky by Binnorie
February 1, 2012, 7:21 pm
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Master of the Grotesque, photographer Roger Ballen, has again collaborated with the South African Die Antwoord in their new video I Fink U Freeky.  Ballen’s signature style permeates with his child-like drawings and featured creatures (human and animal), although the sensationalism of the video overwhelms it a tiny bit.  I’m not complaining, here.  It’s a fun, creepy and beautiful video complete with black contact lenses and horror-film-like sets.

It’s freeky.


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R.I.P. Eiko Ishioka, Surreal Design Icon by Binnorie
January 28, 2012, 8:08 pm
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I’ve just learned from Coilhouse that the iconic Eiko Ishioka, known for her dark, surreal and powerful costume and stage designs, passed away from pancreatic cancer on the 21st.  Eiko’s work not only delved into the grotesque in the most excruciatingly arresting ways, but it is important to note that, in a male-dominated Japanese society, she was the first woman to be elected a member of the Tokyo Art Directors Club and achieved world renown equal to if not surpassing her male Japanese peers.  Extremely prolific, her work can be seen on Broadway, album covers, in television commercials, in film and even in the Olympics.  Read more about her on the Huffington Post.

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Han Hoogerbrugge’s Flash by Binnorie
January 21, 2012, 4:47 pm
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I discovered Han Hoogerbrugge years ago about when Flash software was first becoming popular.  To this day I think that he is the only artist to use the medium in a purely artistic fashion without getting distracted by Flash’s…well…flashiness.

He’s about to have a solo exhibition in Rotterdam.  Since most of you aren’t there, check out his online animated interactive artworks which are surreal, dark and humorous.  Make sure you have your sound on and are ready to use your mouse to click and roll-over his images.  Curiosity will give you more rewards in Hans’s work:

Flow (this is my favorite – you need to take part with your mouse to see the entire show)

Modern Living / Neurotica Series 

Hotel (an interactive story in ten parts – takes serial art in a new direction)



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Thanks to Who Killed Bambi for reminding me of this artist!

Babble Report II by Binnorie

Take a look at the latest posts that Samantha Levin has published up on the Creep Machine blog in the past few weeks.

Or, to satiate those of you with a lower attention span, please visit Samantha’s sublime Tumblr blog.

Creep Machine:
Molly Crabapple and the 99%

Miz Molly Crabapple is a fancy burlesque delight, but is also politically active as fuck.  Living near Wall Street in NYC gave her 24 hour access to Occupy Wall Street.  To lend support, she did what she does best: draw.  As a continuation of The Creep’s initial post on OWS, I published some of what Molly did to support the uprising.

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Creep Machine:
Calma’s New Asceticism at Jonathan Levine

Brazilian artist Stephan Doitschenoff (aka Calma) recently installed his newest collection of artworks at Jonathan Levine gallery.  Just a quick peek here about this extremely worldly artist…more to come in the future!

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Creep Machine:
The Conjurer: JL Schnabel’s Mystical Collaboration

Hi Fructose journalist JL Schnabel collaborated with Paul Romano and photographer Christina Brown to put together a look book for her jewelry line, Blood Milk.  Entitled, The Conjurer, it is an impressive work of art on its own.

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Creep Machine:
David Hochbaum Offering Limited Edition Book Sets

New York artist David Hochbaum is selling precious limited edition book sets of his multi-media works and photographs.  These three books, signed by the artist, come in a hand-made box with a one-of-a-kind silkscreened print.  This is a great opportunity to collect this artist’s work for an affordable price.  Pics on the post!

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Babble Report I by Binnorie

Do to take a peek at the most recent posts Anagnorisis’s Samantha Levin has up on the Beinart Surreal Art Collective and the Creep Machine:

Or, to satiate those with a lower attention span, please visit Samantha’s sublime Tumblr blog.

Martin Wittfooth’s Dark Water

Dark Water contains paintings from many artists whose work frequently explores these depths, curator included.  Remarkable about the dark nature of such art, is its quality for redemption, relief or realization.  Furthermore, each of these work’s unique elements of beauty can be simultaneously stunning and soothing, offering solace for the heavy subject matter they symbolize.

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The Indispensable Import of the Cute & Creepy

This exhibition of sweet and sticky macabre art represents curator Carrie Ann Baade‘s efforts to act as ambassador between the contemporary grotesque and the academic environment.

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Creep Machine:
Paul Komoda // The Thing Comes to Life

The artist talks a bit about his creature concepts for the movie and his experiences working on the movie.  Exclusive peeks at the monsters he designed for the film!

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Creep Machine:
Travis Louie’s Curious Pets

A mini sneak peek into Mr. Louie’s latest solo exhibition on the west coast.  Opening this weekend!

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Happy Halloween! by Binnorie
October 31, 2011, 7:38 am
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Hope you all have terrific plans for this crazy evening! Trick or Treat!!