Anagnorisis Fine Arts

Spirit Animal | Blood Dumpster Collective, Group Show, Curated by Kristen Terrana

Exhibition details:
White Rabbit’s White Box
145 East Houston St.
between Forsyth and Houston

Viewing hours: by appointment
On view from Nov 1 through the end of 2011

Opening reception:
Friday, November 4, 7-10pm

Anagnorisis Fine Arts would like to invite you to view our last exhibition of 2012.  Click the thumbnails below to see each work.  Prices for works below range from very affordable prints to full-priced original paintings.  If you have any questions about the exhibit, the art or the artists, please send an email to


The Blood Dumpster

“A spirit animal serves as a guide, helps or protects individuals, lineages and nations. In the shamanic world-view, everything is alive, bearing an inherent virtue, power and wisdom. Our spirit animal(s) represent our connection to all life, our qualities of character, our power.” -Ellie Crystal

A portion of the sales from this exhibition will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

“Spirit Animal” is a group art exhibition based on the concept that we each have an animalistic guide to help us navigate through life. The idea spans many cultures and goes back to ancient times. But today in urban areas, the animal spirit lies dormant in our natures. If we choose to embrace it, it can empower us and lead us to truth.

An eclectic group of artists from the Blood Dumpster Artist Collective will tap into their own concepts of the spirit animal, and explore how it influences their lives or the lives of others.  They will exhibit their artistic interpretations at the White Rabbit’s White Box, in the heart of New York City.

This exhibition is particularly relevant in New York. In this place, we are detached from nature and surrounded by concrete. “Spirit Animal” invites people to look within themselves and find the hidden part of them that is still primal. There is a beauty and simplicity to nature that is easy to lose touch with in the rush of the crowded streets. The objective of this exhibition is to remind the viewer they are connected to something bigger than just this city life.

On view will be works by Caitlin Hackett, Katelan Foisy, Yao Xiao, Zofia Bogusz, Olivia McMichael, Alice Meichi Li, Laura Galbraith, Daniel O’Brien, Natalie Kocsis, Charlotte Doglio, Jasmine Vollherbst, Allison Sommers, David Ter-Avanseyan, Magdalena Szott and others.

The Blood Dumpster is a NYC based artist’s collective of all disciplines that seeks to discuss relevant social, personal, political, and environmental topics with diverse interpretations, investigations and explanations of presented themes.  Blood Dumpster exhibitions join many visual voices on a very specific discussion. Aesthetically, the Blood Dumpster‘s work often evokes the darker side of how we perceive, connect, cope, dream, fantasize and realize.

Curator, Kristen Terrana, has arranged an exhibit similar to her own artwork:

As an artist born and raised in New York City, I am influenced by the frenetic sights and sounds that bombard the mind on daily basis. The vibrance that is part of the city has become a part of myself. It is reflected through my use of bright color and movement in my artwork. I find that watercolors and gouache paints are my ideal medium for expressing this energy. My subject matter can often be grotesque. Though I use happy colors, there is typically a darkness and irony hidden under the surface. I take inspiration from the German Expressionists, who used their art to comment on the ugliness that they saw within society. I enjoy using art in a similar way; to make a statement about the world around me.

My recent interest in curating stems from my desire to continue a dialog with fellow artists. Since my days in the School of Visual Arts studios, l’ve found that working with others has only fueled my own creativity. Watching diverse ideas and interpretations form from one original thought is something that never gets old, and continues to inspire. My goal is to keep my own mind active as well as others’ with themes pertaining to current social and environmental dilemmas.

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