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Anagnorisis Picks | April Flowers? by Binnorie

Again, there is simply too much going on to list, so here are a couple of the best exhibits we’re aware of!  If you missed my last set of picks, you can see it here – some of those shows are still up.

One, Tiny Trifecta, which includes a whole bunch of Anagnorisis friends, is about to open this coming Saturday the 9th.  Jeremy Hush, Paul Romano, Esao Andrews, Molly Crabapple, Seldon Hunt, Travis Louie, Angie Mason, Martina Secondo Russo, Adam Wallacavage, Chet Zar and a million billion others will have work on view.

But you should also get your butts down to Philly to see Paul Romano’s solo exhibit in Philly!

Paul Romano  |  Cross Section  |  Gallery 309

This is Gallery 309’s inaugural exhibit featuring old and new work of Paul’s.  His Houdini work pictured on the flyer above is one of his personal favorites – he’s quite enamored with the magician.  While the opening passed us by on April Fools Day, there will be another event in the space on April 15th and I’m hearing rumors about a closing party at the end of the month.

Gallery 309 is located in downtown Philly at 309 Cherry Street and is only open Friday through Sunday.    Click the flyer to go to the gallery site.

Jonathan Viner’s Computer Science and Elizabeth McGrath’s The Folly of St. Hubertus  |  Sloan Fine Art

Again, I’m posting this AFTER the opening, but honestly you don’t really see the art during such events.  It’s better that way, believe me.

Viner has been shown quite a few times in Alix’s project space.  It will be nice to see his work in the main gallery for a change.

I was hoping that McGrath was going to have a larger show, but from the look of things this little doe is sparkling in the project space all alone.  She’s gorgeous – I can’t wait to see her when I stop by tonight.  McGrath’s sculptures are the kind that don’t translate well in pictures.  It’s really necessary to see them in person.  Many of her works look messy, but the messiness is belied by how cohesive and well-constructed each work is, thus the messiness is part of the character of her works.  Her works are often obsessive in nature, which is impressive in and of itself.

Sloan Fine Art is located at 128 Rivington Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.


And, by the way, Dr. Sketchy’s is doing a Dr. Who tribute on Sunday April 10th with Jeffrey Garber as the Doctor and Someone’s Mrs. Reynolds as Amy Pond.

This fine drawing event will take place at The Bowery Poetry Club located at 308 Bowery in Manhattan.  Dr. Sketchy’s runs from 4-7pm. Bring your own art supplies. Tickets are $12 advance/ $15 at the door. Pre-orders close at 12pm the day of event.

Anagnorisis Picks by Binnorie

This Thursday I’ll be skipping Chelsea and instead heading over to the IFC to see the Cremaster films by Matthew Barney.

The artist will be present at the 7pm showing to to discuss the Cremaster Cycle with Richard Flood, Chief Curator of the New Museum of Contemporary Art.  This showing is sold out according to the IFC website, but there are plenty more opportunities to see the films which Barney insists will never be for sale on DVD.

This week, Saturday has a couple of wonderful art exhibit options.  After that, I’m jumping ahead to June.

Judith Schaechter  |  Beauty and the Beef  |  Claire Oliver Gallery

Judith Schaechter; Cold Genius; Stained Glass Lightbox; 30″ h x 35″ w (bottom) x 43″ w (top)

I mentioned on one of my last Anagnorisis Picks that this was coming up, so you you can’t say you weren’t warned.  Judith Schaechter‘s stain-glass artworks are rare beings!  It’s quite a sin that I’ve never seen one in person.

This Saturday a show of her new stained glass works, as well as some pencil drawing studies, will be on view at Claire Oliver‘s.  The show runs from May 22nd to June 26th.  The opening reception is on Saturday from 6-8.  Claire Oliver Gallery is located at 513 West 26th Street west of 10th Avenue.

I wasn’t sure which one of the new works to put up here, they are all so amazing, so I chose two for your viewing pleasure.

Judith Schaechter; The Floor; Stained Glass Lightbox; 39.5 x 38 x 6 inches

Thanks to Phantasmaphile, you can also hear Judith speak at Observatory on June 5 at 8pm ($5).

World-renowned stained glass artist, Judith Schaechter, will share her thoughts on Beauty through an image-rich presentation based upon her own research and ruminations.

Her talk is in response to the growing dialogue in the art world started by Dave Hickey 17 years ago, when he first published his book “The Invisible Dragon: Four Essays in Beauty.

In Ms. Schaechter’s words: “As someone who’s always approached the fine arts from a sort of wonky angle — a female craftsperson from Philadelphia who is adamantly figurative and decorative — I have a personal stake in the notion that beauty is not ALWAYS in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes in the object beheld.”

Judith is humble, intelligent and has a kick-ass sense of humor.  This will not be a dry lecture by any means.


Greg Simkins  |  Inside the Outside  |  Joshua Liner Gallery

Greg “Craola” Simkins; The Welcoming Party; Acrylic on canvas; 36 x 30 in

Alas, I will have to miss the opening, but I will be visiting while the show is up before July 1!  Simkins is one of few artists who makes acrylic paint look lush.  The forms in his paintings are Pop Surreal, and there is dreamtime story-telling in each of his compositions that have a tasty quality in shape and depth that reels you in.  Joshua Liner Gallery is located at 548 West 28th Street, west of 10th Avenue.

Liner currently has a show up of Shawn Barber’s work which is nothing to sneeze at either.  Go take a peek before it comes down!


I Need Your Skull | MF Gallery

Chris Peters – Skull

MF Gallery‘s new space has been up and running for a short while now.  I’m excited to be going to check it out this coming Saturday, May 22 from 7-10pm, for the opening of their latest group show, I Need Your Skull.  Some of the artists on view will be Christina Graf, Scott Holloway, Angie Mason and Chris Peters in addition to a list too long to print here.  During the event, there will be some giant skull making activity for all.  In addition to that, Mizzzz Angie Mason will be celebrating her fantabulous birthday with everyone.

MF Gallery is located in  213 Bond St. in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, which is an up and coming art center.  I Need Your Skull will be on view until June 20, 2010.

Edit: corrected misspelling of Greg Simkin’s name.