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Music Non Stop by Binnorie

I thought all was lost for 2012 when Gagosian opened up its worldwide exhibition of Damien Hirst’s brainless spot paintings, but the art world at large has been redeemed thanks to the Museum of Modern Art. Oh, yes, folks, if you will be in New York this coming April 10th-17 and can manage to score tickets, electronica pioneers Kraftwork will be performing for nine eight nights straight, one album per night.

How is this art-blog-worthy? The visual aesthetic that commonly accompanies Kraftwork’s music was unique and highly influential. MoMA acknowledges this and thus will be exhibiting Kraftwork’s historical audio and visual material from April 10-May 14. At the time of this writing, there’s no information on MoMA’s site about this exhibition, unfortunately. I got my info from Pitchfork.

Tickets for the nine performances will likely be available for two seconds once they go on sale. Tickets are $25.00 and will go on sale to the public on Wednesday, February 22, at 12:00 p.m., only at

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Edit:  I don’t know a SINGLE person who managed to nab tickets to any of these shows.  Perhaps these machine men will have to come back to NYC sometime soon to satiate the masses.  There was quite an uproar on teh interwebs about the glitchy ticket purchase site.

To that I say:  BOING…BOOM CHU