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Technology Collides with Nature in Rebirth Control by Binnorie
January 11, 2011, 5:31 pm
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a transferral of energy that happens in the process of technology colliding with nature

One major motif that I often run across in artists’ work is the mixing of man with animal.  Caitlin Hackett, Alex Passapera and Jeremy Hush are among those artists with whom Anagnorisis has worked who frequently explore instinct, environmental concerns, scientific exploration and spirituality through combinations of or intimate interaction between man and beast.

James Moore, who will be exhibiting a new set of works in February at the White Rabbit, is yet another artist whose current work explores yet another facet of this animal/human mix.  What is unique about Moore’s work is that he is a storyteller, working in sequential art and creating zines to communicate a fantastic idea or concept.

This series, entitled “Rebirth Control,” is based upon a story that he originally published as a comic strip (pictured above) after he saw a deer being hit by a car and shot along a mountain road in north Georgia. Grotesque, frenetic and evocative of pulp fiction monsters, the comic shows a woman growing antlers after the spirit of a deer she’s run over passes into her; “a transferral of energy that happens in the process of technology colliding with nature.”  The Fawn image below is “the spirit child who takes a wary pose, its angry gaze (prepared to avenge) suggests the animal world may have intuitions that humans take for granted.”  The new works will evoke and involve elements from “science fiction & heavy black liquid (possibly blood) opening psychological gateways, levitating, portraits deteriorating & evolving.”

Moore’s linework makes his subjects look like they’re melting or eroding, as if he’s constantly re-imagining pulp fiction horror creatures’ rotting flesh, swamp bodies or zombie faces, and applying it to our everyday lives.  To me, much of his work is stressful, yet stimulating and exhilarating.

Fawn | ink and spray paint on paper

A successful illustrator, James makes sure to set aside a good amount of time to work on his own artwork, the nature of which changes each time he works on a new project.  His works have been featured by Giant Robot, Printed Matter, American Illustration and many more.  A graduate of Pratt University, James currently works from his studio in our dear old Brooklyn, creating multi-media works for us all to enjoy.

He creates a new zine for each new series he works on, and plans on doing such a thing for his upcoming show, which will be on view at the White Rabbit from February 2nd to the beginning of March.

Please join us for the opening reception on Friday, February 4th from 7-10pm at the White Rabbit, 145 East Houston Street, between Forsyth and Eldridge (click for map).

Check out more of his work below:

Illustration for Paper Spaceship and the CMJ Music Festival