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The Little Deaths – Only a Few More Days! by dezzoster

All good things must come to an end, and sadly The Little Deaths exhibition has it’s time as well — this Friday February 19th. Though there’s no reason to fret, a few more days await between now and then to swing by if you haven’t had the opportunity yet, or enjoyed the work so much one visit just isn’t enough! Have you seen the show? Leave a comment, tell us what you think!

Visit The Little Deaths online gallery by clicking here

Flyer artwork by Dan Estabrook

Show Highlights:
Seasoned artists such as Roger Ballen, Christopher Conte, Christian Rex van Minnen and Carrie Ann Baade will punctuate the show with their highly developed signature styles. Ballen’s uncomfortable and real compositions, Baade’s wonderfully allegorical oil paintings, Conte’s bio-mechanical sculpture and van Minnen’s lush and visceral oil paintings have captured the attention of many collectors around the world. The sensual works of the relatively unknown artists, Alex Passapera and Caitlin Hackett, explore themes of animal instinct in human nature. Both artists are very new to exhibiting their work, yet show strong potential for success. Passapera’s detailed ink or pigmented figures are often humans depicted with or mutating into animal forms in sweeping lines and grotesque forms. Hackett’s grotesque animals drawn with ball-point pen and other mediums are exquisitely detailed and delicate, reminiscent of age-old Japanese prints.

Participating artists: Christian Rex van Minnen, Anastasia Alexandrin, Carrie Ann Baade, Roger Ballen, Eduardo Benedetto, Molly Bosley, Dana Bunker, Christopher Conte, Clayton Cubitt, Jonathan Davies, Cam de Leon, Dan Estabrook, Danielle Ezzo, Lori Field, Heather Gargon, Chambliss Giobbi, Celicia Granata, Caitlin Hackett, Scott Holloway, Tina Imel, John Kolbek, Craig LaRotonda, Samantha Levin, Julie Anne Mann, Nia Mora, Dan Ouellette, Alex Passapera, Jeanette Rodrigez, Erin Colleen Williams

“The Little Deaths” runs from December 4th, 2009 through February 19th, 2010, at Shadow’s Space located at 1248 N Front St (@ Thompson St., Girard stop on the Market Frankford Line) Philadelphia, PA.

For more information, contact Anagnorisis at 646.712.2820 or – or Shadow’s Space through email ( or by telephone at 215.425.1275.