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Triple Feat! Three Artists – A Three-Man Show at the White Rabbit by Binnorie
November 20, 2009, 4:03 am
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Anagnorisis is excited to welcome three artists to the White Rabbit in December.  Jarvis Earnshaw, Matthew Brennan and Joe Rugilio have teamed up to make a brilliant mess on our walls!!!  Please join us for the opening shindig on Thursday, December 3rd from 7-10pm.  The White Rabbit is located at 145 East Houston Street (btw. Eldridge St. and Forsyth) in New York City.

Samantha recently sent the three of them some questions to ponder:

Do you own an eraser? If so, what would you do if you lost it? If not, what would you do if you were forced to use one?

JE: yes, i own 3jars full of erasers to be exact.if i did happen to loose it i would loose my fucking mind! an eraser is the next best thing that happened to me besides water. believe me, i would go insane. or get on the first plane to japan. quite frankly the erasers found in america are the WORST! and should be renamed to smearers or smudgers.GO TO JAPAN PEOPLE! and get an eraser called MONO! it will blow your mind!

i feel that it is easily forgoton that erasing is a mark in the page. as does water with gum does clouds in the sky

i love to draw with my eraser and we are inseparable.

MB: I own a few white erasers. They are by far my favorite kind. I really despise kneaded erasers. Erasing is good as long as it keeps you going forward. If you are erasing to go backwards, that is no good. Most of my work in the last four years has involved very little erasing and when I do use pencil it has been a real hard lead which doesn’t erase well anyway. You lose an eraser every time you wear it down to nothing. No one should force anyone to use any kind of tool.

What ideas/thoughts/concepts does your work explore?

JE: nowhere/now here

MB: Overlap, Your relation to your space within your reach, Breaths and twitches, a Projection of three seconds in your future path, a Journalistic report on the complete past of your ghost trail, Disecting people literaly and figuratively.

Who or what is your modern-day hero?

JE: my parents minus dad. naturally

MB: Evel Knievel. That dude took a simple concept and made magic for the world with a full speed, self sacrificial, no looking back approach. He added a bit of aesthetics and made the hybrid of man and machine so damn beautiful. Long Live His Dream.

You’re faced with a large blank page consisting of the most versatile material ever made for mark-making. Pen/Ink vs. paint. Which medium wins and why?

JE: whichever and/or whatever seems appropriate. medium is comes first. whenever i grab a tool it is according to circumstance that is to say that i have an image in my mind that needs to be executed and will use whatever seems appropriate to the task.but during the course of execution the image starts to evolve like a melody as i breathe life into it.thats when ill start making conscious decisions on who goes where. Pen/Paint? who cares!? at the end of the day its the beautiful image that you are left with. i will paint with my dick if i need to

MB : More and more, I realize that nobody wins. Some people or things get by a little easier but that’s about it. If, as the question poses, you can have one or the other, that means they are both available and shame on the person trying to keep them separate from you.

The three of you came to Anagnorisis as a group. What brought you together?

JE: sexxxy grrls

MB: We came together like Voltron, or the Wu Tang Clan. It just had to happen. It was really the right thing to do. Above artistically, Jarvis and Joe are incredible human beings.

JR: There is an energy between our work. I can’t help but be influenced by these guys and I can’t wait to show them my new works all the time.  We critique each other, no sugar coated shit.  We’ve been drawing together for about 3 years now and met at Michael Alan’s Draw-A-Thon Performance Theater. Go draw!

What about visual art do you value the most?

JE: for me art is a vortex. a divine moment of truth if you will.where there is no perception of time/place/self and you are one; yet never forget the way…as Rod Sterling sneaks up behind you cigarette in mouth.

MB:The total freedom for all involved. The only limitation is material. Drawing being the least limiting of all when done with only one small contact point. This offers the least resistance. With a piece, the creator has the power to make any mark any how and the viewer has the power to interpret however they see fit. Right on down to walking away and not looking at it at all. Nothing is more powerful than creativity and for me visual art is the best way for me to share that part of my brain.

JR: The selfish part – the act of making it. The part where I leave for a while and go autopilot. Not thinking about or planning pieces, cause I don’t do that shit. The farthest I want to plan ahead for are the materials, I get my stuff
ready and go. Maybe I’ll challenge myself and plan pieces someday.

Other than my selfishness, there are 3 parts, initial raw response, quality of execution, then if I like it more and more over time, which is really rough.

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